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Get a free health check in Wednesfield this Saturday

For the eighth successive year members of the public will be able to have a quick health check whilst they are out shopping in Wednesfield for free.

The City’s Rotary Clubs will be out again on the next two Saturdays offering simple health checks.

On Saturday 1st May Wednesfield Rotary Club will have their gazebo in Wednesfield High Street between 9.30am and 3.30pm whilst on the 8th May the other clubs are setting up in the Piazza of the Wulfrun Centre from 9.00am until 4.00pm. This exercise is carried out in conjunction with the Stroke Team of the Wolverhampton NHS Trust, West Park Rehabilitation Centre and the city’s Coronary After Care Group.

The health-checks undertaken will include blood pressures, pulse, blood sugar, heights weights and BMI scores and lifestyle advice will be available on exercise, diet, smoking and alcohol.

At last year’s corresponding events over 700 people were tested and a number were referred to their doctor, some as a matter of urgency. It is certain that this year, once again, there will be a goodly number of shoppers who will have reason to be pleased that they interrupted their shopping to have a quick health check.

Dr Amar Das Gupta, a local GP and Wednesfield member said: “I hope people will stop by our stand again this year, it only takes a few minutes and could save lives. High Blood Pressure is often a silent killer which shows no symptoms. Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure is the number one cause of avoidable strokes.

For every ten people who die from strokes, four could have been saved if they had arranged regular blood pressure checks and then followed medical advice. The are 300,000 people living with the effects of stroke in England and Wales and more than 130,000 people suffer their first stroke each year. Stroke is one of the country’s biggest killers and the single greatest cause of adult disability.”

Source: Rotary Club of Wednesfield

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