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Election 2010: Parliamentary Candidate Messages

We recently attempted to contact all of the Parliamentary candidates standing for Wolverhampton North East in the general election to ask them if they had a message for the readers of WV11 – the people who can choose to elect them in this Thursday’s general election.

Unfortunately we were only able to find contact emails for three of the candidates, however all three have now responded and you can read their messages below:

Emma Reynolds – Labour

I grew up in Wolverhampton and I live in our constituency. I went to local state schools before studying at Oxford University. I am passionate about making a positive difference to people’s lives and working for greater equality and fairness. I have worked at the heart of Government, so I know how to get things down and I will fight to protect public services in Wolverhampton. I have also worked for small businesses and industry and therefore understand the importance of manufacturing and the challenges companies face locally.

The Labour Government has made massive investments in our schools, New Cross hospital (569 additional nurses since 1997 and a state-of-the-art Heart and Lung Centre) and put on the streets a record number of police officers.

The Labour Party has a plan for reducing the deficit which will start next year. We believe that the Tory plans to cut away support now would put the recovery at risk so I would encourage you to vote Labour.

More info:

Julie Rook – Conservatives

Julie was born in Ramsgate, Kent. Her dad, Peter, was a milkman and mum, Patricia, a cleaner. She is the eldest of 3 children and has a brother and a sister. Julie was educated at a state comprehensive school and left at age 16 finding full-time employment in a perfume shop. Julie has worked in retail shops for 29 years both as an employee and a business owner.

Julie married Christopher in 1987 and they have two children, Charlotte and Tom. Charlotte now lives in Birmingham and Tom starts a course at Wolverhampton University next year. Julie has a house in Pendeford, Wolverhampton.

Julie was inspired to become involved in politics due to a seven year anti social behaviour problem in her neighbourhood that nobody seemed prepared to do anything about. Politics has since played a huge part in her life and in December 2008 she was very proud to be selected by local people as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Wolverhampton North East.

Julie has made many friends whilst getting to know the people and issues of the Wolverhampton North East constituency. She is very much a down to earth, practical person with experience of real-life day to day issues and Julie feels that her experience of working as a Councillor in another area brings a different perspective which will be of benefit to Wolverhampton.

Julie is dedicated to serve the people in her constituency. If elected her only, full time job will be representing the people of Wednesfield, Bushbury, Fallings Park, Low Hill, Oxley and Heath Town.

More info:

Colin Ross – Liberal Democrats

Colin Ross first moved to Wolverhampton in 1994 to attend the University and now works at Walsall Council (mainly dealing with the Willenhall area, including some of WV11!) Colin has previously worked for a youth charity and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

What does Colin stand for?
• The provision of quality public services – high quality schools and hospitals, better public transport and extra bobbies on the beat
• A belief in social justice and fairness – better pensions, free care for the elderly, scrapping tuition fees and replacing Council Tax with a fairer tax based on people’s ability to pay
• An internationalist outlook working with the UN – Colin did not support the Wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. Colin is campaigning for the UK to meet its commitments on international aid and development. Colin is backing the Make Poverty History Campaign

More info:

*We have also contacted as many of the local election candidates for Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South as we could find contact emails for – however we are still awaiting replies from most of them.

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Wednesfield North was a key battleground for both the Parliamentary and the Local Elections. Wednesfield North Labour Party were very pleased with the results. With Labour Polling more votes in the General Election in the Ward than the Conservatives, and with winning a seat in the Bye Election.Congratulations Councillor Potter! I note that WV11 suggest that they had difficulty contacting the local candidates. Perhaps next time contacting the Agents for the Electoral Candidates would have the required results. I am sure the Election Agents of all the candidates would have ensured your readers had their thoughts well before election day!

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