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The Eviction of Louisa Watts


This powerful video highlighting the plight of 106 year-old Louisa Watts who was evicted from her care home Underhill House in Bushbury recently appeared online. The video urges voters to ‘evict’ the 8 councillors who voted to close the home.

Louisa’s 78 year-old son Derek Watts (of Ashmore Park) is standing as an independent candidate for Wednesfield North in the upcoming local election.

Read more about Louisa’s plight at the Express & Star.

2 replies on “The Eviction of Louisa Watts”

I am a private resident of Ashmore Avenue near to Bargery Road and i have noticed the very poor condition of the garage site off Ashmore Avenue going onto Sandy Crescent which most if not all garages are boarded up and look an eyesore if not also a danger to residents from recent vandalism.I wondered if these garages can be viewed by the local authority with a view to them being demolished at some point as they have been vacated by all residents now for about 5 years or so.There is also the danger of asbestos contamination as this material is still present to the garage roofs.

Hi Simon

It seems that garages on AMP are becoming a reoccurring problem. We recently reported on a set of garage near the bottom shops which have been derelict and need sorting out and there have been a couple of other issues mentioned by local people.

What I suggest you do is firstly file a report on – this site lets you report problems in your community and then passes the complaint onto the correct dept. at your local council for you – we've had success in reporting issues this way.

Secondly, you could try contacting Wolverhampton Homes as there's a good chance that they own the garages:

Thirdly, you could contact 'City Direct' who are the dept. responsible for a lot of Wolverhampton City Council's maintenance (

In our experience using Fix My Street is best method as the complaint will go to the right dept (usually City Direct) and by putting it on the Fix My Street website you are making the problem 'public' which perhaps means the council is more likely to deal with it as opposed to just having a complaint email sitting on a computer somewhere in the Civic Centre!

Good luck!

James (WV11)

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