Max Millward funeral service details

max_millwardWe recently reported on the death of local Soul DJ and former record show owner Max Millward who died suddenly of a heart attack.

It would seem that Max was not only a local legend but was also admired throughout the UK by members of soul music community. The Facebook group set up in tribute to Max now has over 1,000 members, many of whom have left very personal stories about their memories of Max.

According to the South West Soul Club’s website, Max’s funeral service will be held at St. John’s Church in Essington on Wednesday 23rd June at 1pm – all are welcome – followed by a private ceremony at Bushbury Crematorium. Details of the wake at The Stables, Brookfields to follow.

Photo: Stuart Mattison / Facebook.

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The death of well-known,well-respected and well-loved Wolverhampton Northern Soul DJ Max Millward is a tragic loss not only to his family but to to everyone who knew him,including thousands of Northern Soul fans across the length and breadth of Britain.Max was a pioneer of Northern Soul Music in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands,especially at the Catacombs where he used to thrill fans with his brilliant choice of music and incomparable knowledge of music.I have known Max for over forty years and spoke to him at The Stables the night he was taken ill.The man,the Legend,will leave a massive hole in so many peoples' lives.Rest in Peace my friend…Bob Dryden.

hi bob
i also remember those great days at the cats!! hows chris an me old mate ozzie?
glenn evans

I`ve lived in Belgium, ex wolves. Only just heard the sad news about max. It was max who introduce me to northern back in 74, April Stevens – wanting you was the track he played for me followed by Adams Apples – dont take it out on this world, and then Hide not hair. Like most drugs I was hooked, and it is all max`s fault. Every week I went into his shop, whether it was the one by the pub or further down close to the round about. Yes a true genuine nice guy. He will be so badly missed by everyone on the soul scene, I cannot imagine how it must be for his family. My thoughts are with you. My heart aches and my tears are still flowing for him and you.

God bless

Max Millward was one of the nicest men ever. He was the kindest of people he knew that I loved music but didn’t have a lot of money to spare. He used to let me have the pick of the promotion records and cds. I will never forget him…….A special man.d

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