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Oak Meadow’s Planning Application Approved – But Do We Need It?

Oak Meadow’s rebuild plans have been approved by Wolverhampton’s planning committee.

The new eco- friendly building will be built using natural materials and include a “natural retaliation systems to allow internal temperature control and special insulation will be used to help eliminate heat wastage in the cold weather.”

A new multi-use games area and playground will be included in the redevelopment and the new school will accommodate 420 students.

While this is good news for Oak Meadow these plans come just 3 years since the council closed Danesmore Park Primary due to falling numbers.

The former Danesmore building now stands derelict and a target for anti social behaviour at the top end of the Ashmore Park estate much to the disappointment of former pupils, parents and local residents, despite assurances from Wolverhampton City Council during the consultation period that this would not be allowed to happen.

So do we really need to build a whole new school when a building stands empty and with presumably less funds than are being spent on an entire rebuilding of Oak Meadow, both it and the former Danesmore site could be bought back up to the standard  fit for the purpose of teaching?

2 replies on “Oak Meadow’s Planning Application Approved – But Do We Need It?”

What natural materials ill be used? is it going to end up looking like the new library which I think is one of the worst looking buildings I have ever seen (and everyone I've spoken to agrees) they should have closed Oak Meadow instead of Danesmore. Please can I have the stone pillars from Oak Meadow the York Stone was dressed by my Dad in Yorkshire. That means shaped to the size they wanted.

if they are demolishing it, you should be able to have them….after all they are a piece of artistic talent……stone dressing is a dying art

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