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More travellers in Coppice Farm / New Invention

It seems just across the border in WV12, Walsall residents are having similar problems as us in WV11.  The Yam Yam is reporting travellers have moved moved onto open land off Coppice Farm Way.  The field, which is located at the bottom of the “Black Path” and divides Ashmore Park from Coppice Farm/New Invention is adjacent to the back entrance of Coppice School of Performing Arts.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Willenhall North, Ian Shires had this to say on his website:

“Phone calls from constituents living in the area began coming in early yesterday evening…I have contacted Walsall Council officers and the Police in order to start the process of moving them on as a matter of urgency.

As well as the nuisance and inconvenience suffered by residents in the area there is the cost of cleaning up the site once they’ve gone so the sooner they’re moved on the better”

These travellers are believed to be a different group to those who last week moved on to the Ellards playing fields off Colman Avenue in Wednesfield.

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