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Free Swimming Extension for Under 16’s and over 60’s

In June the government announced that it was scrapping the Free Swimming scheme for under 16 and over 60’s as part of government cuts, BUT there is good news for Wednesfield residents.

Wolverhampton Primary Care Trust has announced that due to the success of the scheme in Wolverhampton it would continue to fund swim sessions until the end of March 2011.

Councillor Matt Holdcroft, council cabinet member for leisure and culture told the BBC, the scheme had been “massively popular”.

He said: “Thousands of youngsters and older people have signed up for free swimming passes since the scheme was launched in April and this extension will enable many more people to take advantage of the initiative and improve their health at the same time.”

Free swimming sessions are available for the under 16’s and over 60’s at Wolverhampton Swimming and Fitness Centre, Planetary Road, Wednesfield.

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3 replies on “Free Swimming Extension for Under 16’s and over 60’s”

Well as a regular gym user who pays full family amount to use Bently Bridge Gym £68 per month – I for one will be pleased when this scheme ends, every day for most the morning and early afternoon the swimming pool has the same old men and women who speak very little English taking up the steam rooms and sauna and frankly smelling and picking their feet – it’s disgusting, I would change gyms rapidly if another opens local with swimming pool and steam room if this continues – it’s not fair to those of us who have to pay. Many paying members feel exactly the same way as it’s often discussed in the gym changing rooms.

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