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Neighbourhood Wardens Update: September 2010

Neighbourhood Wardens have recently dealt with several resident concerns – find out more in their monthly update.

  • The Wardens have been working closely with Wolverhampton Homes and the Police to solve problems with anti-social behaviour in a number of areas in Wednesfield. As a result of this, gates are due to be put up at the garage site of Whiston Avenue and also the rear of shops on Moathouse Lane.
  • Wardens have been collecting information for the police and visiting residents in several areas, Wednesfield park area and Perry Hall area with regard to both anti-social and criminal behaviour. Work is ongoing and welfare checks are regularly made and advice given to the residents living in the area.
  • Due to a rise in distraction burglaries in Ashmore Park, advice is being given and awareness increased by the wardens. A leaflet drop is being planned for the area also.
  • A number of bicycle locks have been donated to a number of schools in Ashmore Park. This is to encourage children to get fit and active by riding to school.
  • The Wardens and the LNP are purchasing a banner for the Pickering Road friendship club. This is to encourage new members to the club.
  • The Wardens are currently involved in an allotment project with the students at Wednesfield High School. This project is ongoing.
  • In the near future the Wardens are to attend an Eco club at Wood End School. This is a great opportunity for the Wardens to engage with children from the area.
  • An inter-generational project is being arranged by the wardens with the Brownie pack from St. Gregory’s Church. The Brownies are to sing their favourite songs to elderly residents at a local residential home. In return, they are having a trip to their anniversary celebrations funded by Wednesfield LNP.

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