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Rotary Club appeal for unwanted bikes

Wednesfield Rotary Club is appealing for unwanted bicycles to be sent to Africa.

The Rotary Club of Wednesfield is making an appeal for unwanted bicycles which will be refurbished and sent to Africa.

The bikes need to be in reasonable condition as they will be refurbished by prisoners in one of our prisons and then sent out to Africa for use by children who have a considerable distance to travel to and from school each day.

Anyone who has a bicycle capable of being re-furbished should contact Rotarian Dennis Doughty on 07764 466271 to arrange a drop-off at a storage area in Wednesfield. The club also asks that donors make a donation of £10 per bike to cover transportation costs to Africa.

The appeal is being made in conjunction with the charity “Bikes For Africa” and those wanting more information can obtain it from the website:

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