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Lost kitty looking for a home

Can you help give “Billy” the black and whitemoggy a forever home?

Friday evening we had a touching email  land in our inbox – can you help?

“I am writing to you about a very sad and desperate story.

A stray cat has been living in a garden in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton for the past 6 months and has been causing havoc for the householders’ pet cat.

The stray Billy (pictured right) was named by Jane McCosker, the owner of the house’s garden he is living in, because of his tendency to bully other cats. He has been stealing food from and attacking Mouseski (pictured left), the pet cat of Jane and her family. Billy has a big heart for people, but recently attacked Mouseski, leaving both his lungs collapsed and him clinging onto life by the bare claws of his little paws at Carmel Veterinary Centre, Wolverhampton.

Amazingly Mouseski pulled through, but his family are very worried about him going out and getting savaged once again by Billy. The stray loves people, and will even allow fuss on his terms, but he has a distinct dislike for other cats.

The McCosker family have tried contacting local and further-a-field rescues such as RSPCA, Cat’s Protection, Cat’s Whiskers, Cat’s Cradle and many more to no avail with all having a very long waiting list, leaving Mouseki’s life in danger every time he steps a paw out of the front door.

All Billy needs is a loving and caring home, where he can roam around a garden with no worry of other cats being present. If you feel you could take on Billy and put Mouseski’s life back in his own paws, instead of the grasp of Billy, please contact Jane or Rachel McCosker on 01902 728350.”

So can you help give “Billy” the black and white moggy a forever home?

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