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UPDATED: Consultation over Police Station office hours

Please note the consultation process has been extended to Sunday 15th January 2012 for feedback.

West Midlands Police are asking the public to give them their views on proposals to reduce the opening hours of front offices at a number of Police stations.

Wednesfield Police station is one of twelve stations across the region potentially affected.

What the proposed changes mean

The front office / reception desk that is manned by civilians and is currently open 24 hours a day will only be open from 10am to 6pm under new proposals.

These proposals form part of the force’s strategic change programme, Paragon, aimed at saving £126 million over four years.

“The public know that we have to save 20 per cent of our budget over a four year period and they will be expecting us to make sure we are efficient and productive and are prioritising our service around protecting them,” said Deputy Chief Constable Dave Thompson.

Stations not closing

Whilst these changes will affect the front desk opening times, they will not affect the running of the stations or impact on the number of Police officers on duty.

Deputy Chief Constable Dave Thompson added: “I must stress that nothing is changing to where officers work from and these changes will not impact on the way we work with local communities.

“The majority of people now contact us over the phone or via email and would simply never want to set foot in a police station.”

It is thought that an intercom system will be available during the hours that the front desk is closed, allowing members of the public to contact officers if they visit the station.

Have your say

To have your say on the proposed changes, visit the West Midlands Police website and fill in the consultation survey.

Please note the consultation process has been extended to Sunday 15th January 2012 for feedback.

Photo: West Midlands Police

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