Wednesfield South PACT priorities (November 2011)

Policing priorities for Wednesfield South were set at last night’s PACT meeting.

Yesterday evening we were live-tweeting from the Wednesfield South PACT meeting. The meeting at Wednesfield Library was well attended and many local issues were discussed.

Crime figures have dropped from the same period last year.

The 3 PACT priorities set by the community remained the same as those set in September and are as follows:

Priority 1: Continued support to around ASB/drinking on Wednesfield High Street.

Priority 2: Motorcycle nuisance and ASB in parks and on roads.

Priority 3: The area around The Castle pub, ASB, noise and other nuisance.

If you’d like a minute-by-minute account of what was covered, read on….

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Photo: West Midlands Police

2 replies on “Wednesfield South PACT priorities (November 2011)”

I was speaking to one of the shop keepers last week and she was telling me the different shops etc that have had attempted or successful breakins this year. That’s WITH the police station open! How much worse is it going to be with it shut for part of the time? We need more police presence around not less.

Thanks for the comment Louise – however this proposal has nothing to do with the closing the Police station and it doesn’t affect the amount of officers on duty… purely affects the front desk where you can make enquiries, which is staffed by civilians no officers, so it’s unlikely to have any impact whatsoever on crime.

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