New recycling services for Wolverhampton

Upcoming changes to the city’s recycling services will see new bins and more waste recycled.

Residents in Wolverhampton will shortly receive information about changes to the city’s recycling service.

From early next year, residents will no longer need to use their white bags and green boxes to recycle cardboard, glass, metal, plastic bottles and paper. Instead, residents will be provided with a new slimline wheelie bin for non-recyclable waste and be able to put all their recyclable non-food and non-garden waste in their existing black wheelie bin.

The changes will lead to a reduction in the number of containers which people need and also give them a larger container for their recyclable waste. In addition, more waste than ever before will be able to be recycled, including juice cartons and mixed household plastics.

Collections remain the same

People’s recycling collections days will remain as they are at present, with weekly collections of non-recyclable waste and food waste and fortnightly collections of recyclable and garden waste.

An information leaflet introducing the new service is being distributed to homes now and a further detailed instructional guide will be delivered in the next month or so with the new bin. The new service will be rolled out in stages, with the first homes receiving their slim-line wheelie bins in January 2012.

WV11’s thoughts

Whilst it’s frustrating that the council have spent taxpayer’s money on the green boxes and white bags only to replace these with a new wheelie bin, this change will mean that recycling is even easier. Residents will have less containers lying around and won’t need to remember what goes where – all recyclable materials will go in one wheelie bin, which should make life a little easier.

It’s great to see that we will be able to recycling juice cartons and mixed household plastics such as sandwich meat packaging.

Top tip: When the new bins are delivered keep your existing green box or white bag so you can collect recycling inside you house, you can then empty this into your wheelie bin every few days, much the same as you do with the smaller/indoor food caddie – this will save you having to put things in the bin outside every day!

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