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A guide to Wolverhampton’s City Direct

City Direct are set to run a ‘tweetathon’ showing what a day in the life entails…

If you’ve ever wanted a service or some information from Wolverhampton City Council, odds are you have spoken to the dedicated customer call centre, City Direct.

We asked the folks at City Direct to write something for WV11 outlining what it is they do and how they can help you, the residents of Wolverhampton.

in the article below you will find a detailed overview of the services City Direct are responsible for and how to contact them.

Feb 21st – a day in the life of City Direct

If you’d like to know more about what City Direct does, don’t miss their first ‘Tweetathon’ on Tuesday February 21st – this will be a day in the life of City Direct, where they will be reporting on everything that is happening from the first call taken to the last email and everything in-between.

Follow @WolvesDirect on Twitter and hashtag #CityD to see what happens.

What is City Direct?

Hello, you’re through to City Direct. How can we help?

If you’ve ever wanted a service or some information from Wolverhampton City Council, the chances are you’ve spoken to our dedicated customer call centre, City Direct.

City Direct was originally set up in 2004 to handle enquiries from the public by phone, email and face to face. More recently we have been providing the same service on the Wolverhampton Today Facebook page and via our Twitter account, @WolvesDirect.

The main role of City Direct is to try and resolve the customers query without passing them around within the Council; we all know how annoying that can be. We aim to deal with the customers issue ourselves in the vast majority of cases.

We’re open from eight in the morning until six at night during the week as well as between nine and two on Saturdays. Obviously any queries we receive by social media or email outside those hours are dealt with as soon as we’re in.

The services we deal with include

  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Blue Badges
  • Building Consultancy (e.g. Building inspections)
  • Electoral (e.g. Registering to vote)
  • Food & Environmental Safety (e.g. Inspecting pubs and restaurants)
  • Housing Benefits
  • Licensing (e.g. taxi licensing)
  • Private Sector Housing Benefits
  • Parks and Contracts (e.g. events or damage to park areas)
  • Public Protection (e.g. noise complaints, dog mess, stray animals)
  • Refuse and Recycling
  • Street Scene – Street Cleansing – Ground Maintenance – Parking Services – Street Lighting (e.g. streetlamps not working or pests and littering)
  • Trading Standards

At our maximum we can have up to twenty four customer service officers taking calls and answering emails. Each member of the team will average sixty calls per day.

We take around half a million calls a year, that’s the equivalent of every resident in Wolverhampton calling us twice!

We also provide a switchboard service and our switchboard staff are lightning fast, taking on average less than 30 seconds to get you to the correct department!

City Direct also Staff the Main reception in the Civic Centre providing helpful and friendly service to everyone who enters the building.

All the staff who are taking the calls have been trained in customer excellence communication and have a wide range of knowledge about the whole host of services provided by the council.

So that we can provide the best service possible we have an electronic call monitoring system which displays on a big screen in the call centre how many calls are taken and how many calls are queuing.

You can contact City Direct in the following ways:

General line 01902 551155
Housing benefit line 01902 551166
Electoral line 01902 551177
Anti-Social Behaviour line 01902 551188

Twitter @WolvesDirect
Facebook Wolverhampton Today

Or email us at

Source & photo: City Direct

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