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Clear win for bright Aces

The latest cycle speedway race report from Wednesfield Aces vs. Ipswich. Eagles.

On a fine clear afternoon, Wednesfield were as bright as the weather as they piled on the score in the Elite League fixture against East Anglia’s Ipswich Eagles.

The meeting started on a steady note, refereed by Richard Hughes, with a five all shared heat one but then the Aces began to start hauling in the points with a 6-4 heat advantage when Gavin Wheeler and Ricki Johnson were split by former Ace Richard Williamson.

Wednesfield then banged in two 7-3s, the first from the Draisey and Mould pairing over the Grange brothers Ian and Lee and the other from Griffiths and Aris against Mower and Hill. Ten points up after just four races, the Aces then consolidated a bit with next three heats drawn 5-5.

Wednesfield felt a little injustice when Chris Jewkes was left at the start line in heat seven when there was a definite movement on the tapes by a Eagles rider. In the next heat Gavin Wheeler was excluded for
movement at the start but young powerhouse Ricki Johnson battled his way through in the re-run to split the Ipswich pairing of Brooke and Mower,

The Aces then finished the first half off with a comfortable 6-4, half time score 49-40.

Wednesfield started the second half in the same frame of mind with a 6-4 from Mould and Jewkes against Williamson and Felgett. Wheeler and Johnson then did the same over the Grange brothers. Ipswich had a bit of luck when Lee Aris came crashing down on the top bend after trying to dive under the leading Ipswich pairing of Williamson and Chittock, Lee picking himself up and trailing in last giving Ipswich only their second race win of the meeting.

The next race was a 5-5 but then the Aces powered on and slapped in another three 7-3 heat wins. Heat 17 was shared and then the Aces finished the meeting with another 7-3 from and Mould and Wheeler.

Final score Wednesfield 103 Ipswich 75.

Wednesfield 103

Ben Mould 20, Lee Aris 16, Gavin Wheeler 15, Luke Draisey 12, Ricki Johnson 12, Matt Haddock 11, Mark Griffiths 9, Chris Jewkes 8

Ipswich 75

Josh Brooke 16, Jamie Chittock 13, Richard Wuilliamson 13, Lee Grange 9, Ian Grange 9, Leon Mower 7, Ashley Hill 5, Richard Felgett 3

Sweet revenge for Ipswich seconds

The Ipswich Eagles gained sweet revenge in the Combo match winning by 52-78 with some good team work from their youngsters Charlie Rumbold and Will Clarke helped by the steady work of Jordan Stant with a couple of good rides from Lauren Jacobs. Aces’ veteran Mick Aris led by example with a couple of race wins but on the day the Aces

Combo team were out gunned by the Eagles.

Wednesfield 52

Mick Aris 11, Dave Meanley 9, Sam Parr 9, Harry Everiss 8, Arron O’brien 6, Charlie Ellitts 6

Ipswich 78

Charlie Rumbold 16, Will Clark 15, Jordan Stant 12, Matt Hill 9, Lauren Jacobs 9, Frazer Harris 7

Current Standings

P W D L F A +/- Total
Wednesfield 3 2 0 1 285 236 49 4
Birmingham 2 2 0 0 190 158 32 4
Sheffield 3 2 0 1 271 262 9 4
Poole 3 2 0 1 268 261 7 4
Horspath 2 1 0 1 177 174 3 2
Leicester 4 1 0 3 318 369 -51 2
Ipswich 3 0 0 3 239 288 -49 0


Report orignally posted 20 May 2012.
Photo: Wednesfield Aces.

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