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Local History: Adrian Anslow

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Adrian Anslow, the only Wolverhampton resident to be lost in the Falklands conflict.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the sinking of the Atlantic Conveyor. Wolverhampton only lost one man in the Falklands Conflict, Adrian Anslow he was onboard that ship. Originally from Ashmore Park, he was a former student of Coppice High School and was only 20 at the time of his passing.

Anslow Gardens a road on Ashmore Park, was named after him and the city council have a plaque in the Civic Centre and page on their web site dedicated to him.

Thank you to local resident Nick Rutter for filling us in. We’re sure there will be local people who still remember Adrian and thinking of him today.


Image used under creative commons via FreeFoto by Ian Britton

6 replies on “Local History: Adrian Anslow”

I knew Adrian, we went through basic training together. I last spoke to him on the 24th of May 1982. That night he transferred to the Conveyor and the next day she was hit. I’ll always remember his cheeky grin and funny accent.

I was on 848 Sqdn with him, and trained him during his time with 707 Sqdn. I was quite impressed one day when chatting, when he let slip that he had been on holiday to see the Pyramids… something I still haven’t done over 30 years later!! Tim Watkin (ex-PO Pinkie Tiff )

Yes Adrian rang home one evening to tell us he was going on Holiday to see The Pyramids . He often told us he wanted to see the seven wonders of the World. He returned with amazing photos that we treasure. He was known to his friends as Action man always looking for adventure Adrian also went to auctions .He bid for a old book called courage another of our many treasures that he left behind. We miss our Son every day and feel Proud that he achieved so much in his short time on this earth.He died for Freedom but the Price for us gets harder every Day.
Rembrance is so important .

Just Returned from The Falklands to Salute our Son and all lost to us in 1982 40 yrs Anniversary. Adrian now has a Tribute to him from the islanders Anslow Harbour We are very Proud of him .His Thirst for Freedom Acheived!
We still miss Him every Day God Bless Adrian RIP
Wolverhampton should be Proud The Son of the Town! ?????

Mrs Anslow. I own the letting agency on Ashmore Park but wanted you to know that I will be visiting Port Stanley on Remembrance Sunday this year. 12/11/23.
I’m laying a wreath and some crosses on behalf of some Falklands vets. If you would like me to take something out there on your behalf I’m happy to do it.
If you receive this and reply on here, I’ll make contact
Lyndon Whitehouse

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