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Warning over dangerous playground “games”

Concerned parents issue stark warning regarding “self harm” playground “games” going on in and around Wednesfield

Local parents have been in touch with WV11 expressing their concerns about dangerous “self harming” games they’ve become aware of that children in our local schools are playing.  One concerned parent has sent us this;

Attention all Parents!!!

I’d like to bring to your attention a new ‘craze’ that kids are taking part in. It involves self harming ‘games’. These so called games can cause serious harm. My son, who is 10, was cajoled into taking part in one of these games on Monday afternoon over Perry Hall park. His face now looks like he has been in a car accident, cuts and grazes from his forehead to his chin. These injuries were caused by him ‘playing’ the so called pass out challenge, where they hold their breath until they literally pass out. This is the first I had heard of it and thought that other parents should be warned. Another ‘game’ is to rub a coin, eraser or ruler on the forearm until it burns the skin. Wednesfield High School and Perry Hall primary have been affected by this issue so Im sure that other schools have too.

Peer Pressure

Please don’t think it wouldn’t happen to YOUR child. I always thought my son was a sensible, mature, responsible boy and knew his own mind. Do not underestimate the power of ‘peer pressure’. Speak to your kids, explain the dangers involved in these ‘self harming games’. Tell other parents before a tragedy occurs.

A concerned parent.



One reply on “Warning over dangerous playground “games””

This is an important community message! Well done for picking the issue up and well done for giving it some publicity. Governors in local schools could ask their Head Teachers to look out for this type of fad. In the meantime I hope that parents will follow up any signs of injury with questions about how they occured!

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