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Urban blackberry picking in Wednesfield

Guest blogger Jerome Turner give us some tips on urban blackberry picking.

A recent trip to Essington Fruit Farm reminded me it’s the blackberry season, and yesterday I gathered a handful walking along Waddens Brook Lane (see above).

It’s not necessarily the kind of place you’d expect to be fruit picking, a busy road passing by housing estates, but that’s the point. Brambles tend to spring up anywhere whether we like them or not, so next time you’re out walking take a look at the roadside bushes and see what you can find. They might be interspersed with other plants, the tendrils are long and spiky, and of course, only go for the black berries. If in doubt, don’t eat it!

Incidentally, I used to live in Wednesbury and and there were lots to be had on the route down to Great Western Street Metro. In Wednesfield, you’d also do well to check out Fibbersley Nature Reserve, a lovely place for a walk and a bit of greenery, and more blackberries. Maps for both locations are below.



Fibbersly Nature Reserve 


Other than eating blackberries raw, you can also cook with them of course. They’re often cooked with apples, in jam, or in pies and in this cake, in a Blackberry Cake.

Blackberry Cake

Finally, if you’re interested in finding out more about urban fruit or veg picking, or foraging, you’d do worse than checking out Neighbourhood Fruit. So, go forth and pick, keeping the law in mind of course. We’d love to hear your prime urban picking spots if you find any.

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