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Exclusive: WV11 talks to Kristian Thomas puts the questions to Wednesfield’s London 2012 Bronze Medallist Kristian Thomas.

We’ve been lucky enough to grab an interview with Wednesfield’s very own London 2012 Bronze Medal winner Kristian Thomas.

We put some of our Facebook visitor’s questions to Kristian, along with a couple of our own, here’s what he had to say…

We’re you interested in gymnastics before or after you started secondary school and what influenced you? (fellow St Edmunds pupil) – Tom Rudevics

I was already interested and competing in gymnastics by then. When I started secondary school at St Edmunds Catholic School I was already training 17-20 hrs a week.

I never had a particular influence. As I started gymnastics at 5 I just followed my older brother not really thinking much of it but luckily I had a talent for it and this was seen by the coaches, so it just progressed from there.

Have you ever faced prejudice among your peers for being involved in gymnastics? If so how did you deal with it? – Dallas Cattell

Luckily I haven’t. I think doing a back flip as my goal celebration in football for many years helped me as nobody else was able to do the sort of things that I could. Another example was being able to walk on my hands, which I remember being something most people in my year wanted to be able to do!

At what point in your training did you realise that there was a chance you could end up competing at the Olympics, and how did that make you feel? – Jerome Turner

Probably not until 2006 when I competed in the Commonwealth Games. It was my first senior competition and after having such a fantastic experience and also winning a bronze medal made me realise that I wanted to do gymnastics as my future with the Olympics being my main goal.

What did it feel like to stand on the Olympic Podium and know the national anthem was being played because of you? – Hayley Woolner Kavanagh

It was a mix of many emotions. I had adrenaline,nerves, butterflies and excitement. It was a unique feeling that I’m pretty sure will be hard to ever repeat, but more than anything I felt joy and pride.

Can you tell us an interesting behind the scenes story from the Athletes Village? – Stuart Davis

The only time I would ever see Usain Bolt in the village would be at the McDonald’s. Must be something in a McDonald’s that makes you run faster?!?!

Are you planning on going Rio or are you going to see how it goes? –

My plan is to be at the Commonwealth Games in 2 years. From there on I can completely focus on Rio and try to stay healthy and injury free.

Are you looking for sponsorship? –

I am always looking for sponsorship, especially local sponsorships as it helps me to continue to train and compete at the highest level but is also great for the local community.

*If you’re interested in sponsoring Krisitan, we suggest you visit his website for more info –

What has life been like since returning from London 2012? Does it feel strange to be recognised in the street and what’s the funniest thing that has happened to you since the Olympics? –

Life has been extremely busy but also fun. I’ve enjoyed participating in all the various requests for events but also balancing my training as I have World Cup events coming up in Nov/Dec.

It has definitely been a strange feeling being recognised by a lot more people but I’ve had some really nice comments which is always nice to hear.

Did you ever imagine that you would be asked to switch on the Christmas Lights in your home town? –

It’s one of those things that you would like to do when growing up so having the opportunity is a very proud moment. would like to thank Kristian for being such a good sport and answering our questions, we appreciate how busy he must be and how many media requests he must get!

Let’s all give Kristian a big cheer on 22nd November when he switches on the Wednefield Christmas Lights!

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