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WV11 questionnaire responses: Who will you be voting for in tomorrows local elections?

Wv11 Local Election Questionairre responses – who will you be voting for?

Local elections are due to be held on Thursday 22nd, May 2014, As with previous years we have emailed all candidates standing in Wednesfield North and South a questionnaire to help inform our readers about what they are standing for & how they intend to to serve our community.

Only 4 of the 7 standing have so far responded:

These are links to the responses we’ve had…..

Wednesfield North

Wednesfield South

Wolverhampton on Wheels

Also Wolverhampton on Wheels contacted all 78 candidates standing across the city asking 2 questions of them all to gauge their attitude towards cycling in the city. Of all those asked only 15 responded.

In WV11 only 2 candidates responded and those responses came from:

Wednesfield North

  • Mary Bateman – Labour: NO RESPONSE
  • Ben Forrest – UKIP
  • Lee Harris – Green Party: NO RESPONSE
  • Hazel Kierle – Conservative: NO RESPONSE

Wednesfield South

  • Kevin Bourne – UKIP
  • Greg Brackenridge – Labour: NO RESPONSE
  • Matthew Holdcroft – Conservative: NO RESPONSE

You can read them all here on the Wolverhampton on Wheels website

Poor responses

In an age when voter apathy is high and confidence in our central government and local councils is low we find it a real shame that candidates don’t take every opportunity they are given to communicate with the electorate. To gain our confidence and let us know what they stand for – after all it is OUR votes they have to earn and once elected they work for US.

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