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Readers wanted for research project

Community researcher Jerome has been researching for some months now and is looking for readers to interview about the website.

Community researcher Jerome has been researching for some months now and is looking for readers to interview about the website.

Do you use or their Facebook page, Twitter  or mobile phone app?

“I’m a researcher based at Birmingham City University’s School of Media, looking into how people read and use a local website or social media like Facebook, at a time when there are fewer places these days for people to find out and share local news. What role and value do these websites have, not just as news sites, but in building and representing the community? The research will inform and provide insight into how local organisations and can run their site to the maximum benefit of their readers, as well as providing useful information for the hundreds of other similar websites around the UK. On a wider level, it will investigate the role of digital and social media in everyday society.

“So far I’ve been doing my research by looking at the website and social media, but I’m now looking for people to talk to about their first hand experiences as readers and users of the WV11 services. Even if you usually read the pages, rather than commenting or ‘Liking’, that’s fine. I’d still love to hear from you.

“Interviews will be taking place over the next few weeks. This would mean a chat of around an hour, in an informal setting such as a café, or wherever you’re most comfortable. The first half of the interview is to discuss how you use and feel about your use of the WV11 services (for my research) ; the second half is an opportunity for you to more generally air your views, ideas or issues about how is run, and suggest any improvements, and would then be fed back to the editors to help them improve the site for the good of the community.

“Your name won’t be used in any reporting of the interview, so that your comments can’t be identified. I can provide more details about this.

“Tea and cake will be provided!”

If you’re interested in taking part please get in touch. 


Phone: 07747 164135

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