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Q7 Should St Georges Day be a bank holiday? – #WNEhustings

Questions from the Wolverhampton North East Hustings at St Thomas Church on 23rd April, 2015.

Should St Georges Day be a bank holiday?

This is a paraphrase of the questions and answers at tonight’s Wolverhampton North East Hustings  at St Thomas’ Church

Star Etheridge – UKIP


Ian Jenkins – Lib Dem

NO I’d have Trafalgar day as St Georges often falls on Easter

 Becky Cooper – Green Party

I don’t know whether we could reach out 195 days teaching contract if we had another bank holiday.

Emma Reynolds – Labour

I say no – I wnet to a school today the was celebrating St Georges Day it was wonderful – it is an oppurtunity

Darren Henry – Conservative

Yes I do agree with it!








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