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Question 4 on empty shops #WNEhustings

Questions from the Wolverhampton North East Hustings at St Thomas Church on 23rd April, 2015.

Question 4 On the Wednesfield High Street we have so many empty shops what would the candidates do about this?

This is a paraphrase of the questions and answers at tonight’s Wolverhampton North East Hustings  at St Thomas’ Church

Emma Reynolds – Labour

The council are providing support to people who want to set up small business. Empty shops are i issue in here and in the city centre. BB is a great success but I do worry because of the convinient parking it is pulling demand away from the HIgh Street – wee need to regenerate to attract investment.
Darren Henry – Conservative

I agree with a lot of what[s been said, vacant shops are empty across the country and I’ve been down Wednesfield  High Street. I have been involved in pop  up shops as mentioned by UKIP. We need to be involved with the local authorities to reduce business rates.

I find it interesting that there is a lot of interest in the project for the Mander Centre yet pulling down shops in Heath Town

Ian Jenkins – Lib Dem

We should do away with business rates altogether. I would extend market hours, and encourage more cafe developments with eateries on the from t on Wednesfield Hight Strret and take a look at the canal and the us fares!

Star Etheridge – UKIP

With the local shops we need to reduce rates and rents use them as pop up shops. That all we can do in the short term, but we would encourage people to use these spaces.

Becky Cooper – Green Party

IN Wolverhampton 2.4% of shops are empty – we need to remember that this is not just rates and rents issue – we need to stop cutting benefits – people spend money in shops. We would stop  applications for bookies and fast food places so that we have an healthier High Street.

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