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Whiston Avenue garage site to get security gates

Wednesfield North Councillor Rita Potter recently announced that a long battle to erect ‘security gates’ on a disused garage site in Whiston Avenue, Ashmore Park, Wednesfield has been successful.

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Ashmore Park garages saga drags on

Six months after first raised the issue, the fate of a set of derelict garages in Ashmore Park continues to drag on after the local Tenants and Residents Association launched a petition against demolition.


Court grants possession for derelict garages in Ashmore Park

Wolverhampton Homes has been granted possession of garages in Wednesfield which have been a magnet for antisocial behaviour. A judge at Wolverhampton Magistrates Court ruled yesterday (Tuesday) that Wolverhampton Homes must take possession of the garages on Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park and the remaining occupant now has 14 days (until 15 June) to vacate the garages. Once the garages have been vacated, the process of demolition will begin.

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Legal action over derelict garages in Ashmore Park

Following our news stories in February and March which highlighted problems with a set of derelict garages in Ashmore Park, we can now reveal that Wolverhampton Homes (the organisation, which manages Wolverhampton City Council’s homes, shops and garages) is taking legal action against a former tenant who is refusing to vacate the garages on Griffiths Drive.

Once the tenant has been evicted the garages will be demolished and it is hoped that the site can be used to create additional free parking for local residents and shoppers.

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Derelict garages take a step closer to demolition

WV11 recently reported on the fate of a set of derelict garages which border Ashmore Park and Wednesfield Aces Cycle Speedway Club after reporting the problem on Fix My Street.

Since our original article, the story has been picked up by local paper the Express & Star and today we were contacted by Wolverhampton Homes who told us that vacation notices have been served to the two remaining tenants. These orders are due to expire on the 25th March and once this has happened a demolition order will follow.

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Local eyesore facing demolition?

A local eyesore which is attracting vandalism and anti-social behaviour has taken a step closer to being demolished. Several long-term unused garages bordering Ashmore Park (adjacent to Wednesfield Aces Cycle Speedway) have been broken into, leading to damage, fly tipping, and graffiti. The garages, which have been in a poor state of repair for a […]

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