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Bikeability Comes to Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton City Council are holding Bikeabilty courses, throughout August at Aldersly Leisure Village. Bikeabilty is the latest incarnation of the Cycling Proficiency test and is designed to teach your child safe cycling skills:

“Cycling  helps children develop a sense of responsibility and independence. Knowing your kids can cycle safely means that you can send them off on a bike ride during the school holidays to give you some peace and quiet!

Bikeability will equip your child with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to cycle safely throughout the rest of their life. And once they’ve learnt how to ride their bike and ride it safely, they will never forget.”

From the Bikeability Website

The Course costs just £5 and will run from 9am – 3pm. To reserve a place for your youngsters you need to complete an application form which you can download from this website HERE, or by calling 01902 556 220

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