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Wolverhampton Homes: Have Your Say

Would you like to have a say in the future decisions that Wolverhampton Homes make about your council property? If so, read on…

‘Get Togethers with Wolverhampton Homes’ are a new initiative aimed at involving tenants in the decision making process and will be held at four locations across the City, including Wednesfield. Tenants and leaseholders of all ages, young and old, who live in the homes that Wolverhampton Homes manages are being encouraged to attend and have their say.

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As well as having the opportunity speak with staff, Wolverhampton Homes have gone the extra mile using modern technology to create a family friendly atmosphere which will include a big brother style video diary as well as refreshments and entertainment for children.

Margaret Wright, director of performance and customer services said: “There has always been a lot of tenant and leaseholder involvement in Wolverhampton. The ‘Get Togethers’ are a new way for us to get even more people involved in shaping our housing services. It’s an opportunity for tenants and leaseholders to talk to Board members, our Chief Executive and other staff face to face. We want them to tell us which services are most important to them locally.”

There will be a local ‘Get Together’ every three months in each of the four areas.

The Wednesfield get together takes place on Tuesday 6 October, at Wolverhampton Swimming and Fitness Centre, Planetary Road, Bentley Bridge, WV13 3SW for tenants and leaseholders in Wednesfield South, Wednesfield North, Heath Town and Fallings Park. Start time to follow shortly…

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