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Playground equipment removed from Wednesfield traveller site

The District Manager for Wolverhampton Parks & Green Spaces has informed Wednesfield & Fallings Park LNP that they are dismantling swings and any items that can be vandalised or stolen from the natural play area equipment and play park on the Coleman Avenue open space area (known as the Ellards Open space, Perry Hall Park) that a number of travellers have recently occupied.

This action has been taken due to vandalism that has already occurred and the equipment will be put back in place once the travellers have been removed from the site and any repairs needed have been carried out.

Anyone who has witnessed vandalism to the play area equipment should report it to Wednesfield Police Station on 0345 113 5000.

3 replies on “Playground equipment removed from Wednesfield traveller site”

What’s the cost to the council for removing the equipment, repairing it and then putting it back… and will the travellers be paying for that??? oh that’s right, no it will be us.

But rather is was removed and stored until the travellers are evicted than left destroyed and then having to wait years to replace while the funds are raised to do it!

If the travellers were not allowed to stop there in the first place ! Im sure if i broke the gate and threatened a council representative then parked a caravan on the field i would be straight in the cells.I cannot understand why these people are treated differently.

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