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Santa Claus is coming to town

The Rotary Clubs Santa is back and coming to a street near you.

For the last 10 years The Rotary Club of Wednesfield has operated a Christmas Sleigh which has toured various routes in Wednesfield bringing Father Christmas to a street near you and this year is no different. See below for all the times and dates of this annual festive

Thursday 15 December 2011 – from 6.00pm

Commence Wimbourne Road and then visiting, Newbolds Road, Kingsway Road, Newbolds Road, D’Eyncourt Road , Carlton Avenue, Mullett Road, Mill Lane, Poplar Avenue, Willow Avenue, Beechwood Avenue, Poplar Avenue, Mill Lane, Long Mill Avenue, Long Mill North, Long Mill South.

Friday 16 December 2011- from 6.00pm

Commence Yale Drive, Calvert Crescent, Teasel Road, Silverton Drive, Eastern Gardens, Waddens Brook Lane, Ellards Drive, Seaton Close, Smallshire Close. Longmoor Close, Brackenwood Drive, Ferndown Gardens, Broad Lane South, Southfield Road, Orwell Close, Hawthorne Road, Firsdale Road, Rosalind Grove, Silverton Way, Redstone Drive, Egmont Gardens, Holberg Grove, Silverton Way, Lyndale Drive, Hopton Crescent, Raymond Gardens, Westport Crescent.

Saturday 17 December 2011 – from 6.00pm

Commence Coleman Avenue, Perry Hall Road, Lawrence Avenue, Haden Crescent, Perry Hall Road, Stubby Lane, Ratcliffe Road, Carrick Road, Castlebridge Road, Merrick Road, Pool Road, Wyrley Road, Castlebridge Road

Sunday 18 December 2011 – from 2.00pm

Commence Olinthus Avenue, Lichwood Road, Lich Avenue, Olinthus Avenue, Moathouse Lane East, Wright Avenue, Day Avenue, Pritchard Avenue, Davenport Road, Wright Avenue, Hyde Road, Hylstone Crescent, Moat House Lane East finish at junction with Wright Avenue.

Sunday 18 December 2011 – from 4.30pm

Commence Clanfield Avenue, Fitzmaurice Road, Gadsby Avenue, Peacock Avenue, Whiston Avenue, Ecclestone Road, Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Avenue.

 Monday 19 December 2011 – from 6.00pm

Commence Victoria Road, Graisley Lane, Frederick Road, Nordley Road, Woden Avenue, Woden Crescent, School Road, Vicarage Road, Nordley Road, West Avenue, North Avenue, East Avenue, South Avenue, Graisley Lane, Victoria Road, Parkhouse Avenue, Highfield Crescent, The Grove.

 Tuesday 20 December 2011 – from 6.00pm

Commence Fairview Road, Fairview Crescent, Fairview Road, D’Eyncourt Road Sambrook Road, Kingsway Road, Wimbourne Road, Cadman Crescent, Hatton Crescent.

Wednesday 21 December – from 6.00pm

Essington in Buttermere Drive and then visit:- Thirlmere Drive, High Hill, Wolverhampton Road, Hill Street, Hawthorn Road, Brownshore Road, Bognop Road, Swynnerton Drive – including all roads off, return to Bognop Road/Brownshore Road and finish at Larchmere Drive – again including all roads off.

 Thursday 22 December 2011 – from 6.00pm

Commence Whitehouse Avenue, Shardlow Road, Rocester Avenue, Overseal Road, Shardlow Road, Spondon Road, Measham Way, Springhill Road, Wootton Avenue, Duckhouse Road, Wootton Avenue, Ridge Lane,

For more information please contact David Johns, Hon Secretary, Rotary Club of Wednesfield on 01746 763710 or

A note from David

Over the years many local causes have benifitted from these collections, in particular this year we have given Edward the Elder School £2500 to purchase new books to enhance their reading programme.   In the last 8 years 12 young men and women from Coppice Performing Arts College and Heath Park Business & Enterprise College have been sponsored onto Leadership Courses.   Various Departments at New Cross Hospital  have also benefitted.   This year our collection, together with other fund raising efforts during the year, will support a “Rotary Suite” at Compton Hospice, New Cross Hospital and another youngster from Heath Park will go on a Leadership Course.


At this time of year many may wish to make a dedication to a relative who has passed on and the club is delighted that the Wednesfield and Fallings Park LNP have allowed us again this year to use the Xmas Tree outside the Library in Well Lane as a “Tree of Remembrance”.   Dedications may be recorded in books available in the Library and Sainsburys where boxes are also available for charitable donations.   The dedications will be recorded on the club’s website for the next 12 months


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With just days before Christmas- When out shopping do not forget your Local Shopping Parade and local district centres. This year has been a hard year for local traders. Spend a little of your money in and around Wednesfield.

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