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Winter Motoring tips by Rob Williams

Heading out in the car in the cold, ice or snow? Rob Williams shares his cold weather motoring tips.

Last year as it got colder some of our readers over on our Facebook page shared their best tips on beating the cold weather with us. One particularly helpful contributor Rob left us some great winter motoring advice, so this year we’ve asked him to put some of his best ideas together and here they are:

Winter Motoring Tips by Rob Williams

  • Do not leave your car with keys in the ignition! Drivers tend to do this whilst the heater on is defrosting windows! They are in the house having a coffee etc. Come back outside… No car!
  • In cold icy weather the battery takes a belting! Give it a charge up and put some Vaseline round the terminals – this helps prevent corrosion!
  • Do not use hot water to melt your frozen windscreen it could crack the glass. Use De-Icer, or better still cover your windscreen the night before with a plastic sheet! P.S Remove Before Driving Away! ;-)
  • Check water/Antifreeze levels, Screen bottle topped up with water and appropriate measure of SCREEN ANTIFREEZE, not Car Antifreeze as this will damage your car’s paintwork!
  • Make sure your car’s tyres inc. the spare are in good condition, with correct tyre pressure! – important for handling on icy roads.
  • Check all your cars levels oil, fuel etc. Try and keep a sensible amount in your cars tank in case of unexpected delays! I personally do not like keeping a can in the boot! Fumes etc. Ugh!
  • Check all lights and wiper blades, I’ve just purchased a pair of Aero Flat ones the bendy type, they’re  brilliant used to be expensive! Now £6.50 a pair from Ebay and free postage! They’re much better than normal ones!


Thanks Rob!

For more cold weather motoring tips see the AA website or if you have any tips you could add to this list, leave us a comment!

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