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Wednesfield Police Station front desk hours to change

From April Wednesfield Police Station will no longer be accessible to the public between 6pm and 10am.

Follow public consultation towards the end of 2011, the hours that Wednesfield Police Station’s front desk is open to the public will be changing.

Station office closed between 6pm and 10am

Starting from 1st April, 2012 following the decision made by the Police Authority and Chief Constable, Wednesfield Police Station will not be accessible to members of the public between 6pm and 10am, where previously the front desk was open 24 hours a day.

This does not mean that the station will be closed and officers will not be on duty – it does however mean that the front reception desk which is manned by civilians will be closed during these times.

No changes to Officers on duty

Deputy Chief Constable Dave Thompson said: ”I must stress that nothing is changing to where officers work from and these changes will not impact on the way we work with local communities.

“The public know that we have to save 20 per cent of our budget over a four year period and they will be expecting us to make sure we are efficient and productive and are prioritising our service around protecting them.

“The majority of people now contact us over the phone or via email and would simply never want to set foot in a police station.”

Public not notified? found the outcome of this consultation by chance in a Police press release credited to Superintendent Jan Thomas-West on the Wolverhampton Disability Network’s blog.

It is very disappointing that as of the time of publishing this article West Midlands Police have not yet announced the outcome of the consultation on their Facebook or Twitter feeds, nor on their website or the Police Authority’s website other than it being buried in a press release that we didn’t receive that cannot easily be found by browsing the site

Contact Wednesfield Police Station

You can phone the new non-emergency number 101 to speak to your local Policing unit or email or

In an emergency only, dial 999.

Photo: West Midlands Police

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