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Home security tips from Neighbourhood Wardens

Recently we asked neighbourhood warden John to give us his top ten home security tips.

Wednesfield & Fallings Park’s Neighbourhood Wardens work across the area patrolling neighbourhoods, reporting and resolving issues of crime and environmental concern.

They also spend time talking to residents, community groups, local business and linking with the local police, fire service, health services and environmental services to try to improve local issues.

In addition to this the wardens carry out visits to burglary victims and give advice so they do not become victims again.

Recently we asked neighbourhood warden John to give us his top ten home security tips, based on the kind of things he has seen from burglaries in the area.

It’s important to remember that the vast majority of burglaries come from opportunists, so the less opportunities your give a potential burglar, the less chance there is of you becoming a victim…

Home Security Tips

  1.  Always keep your front door and porch door locked at all times.
  2. When leaving the house, make sure that ALL windows and doors are locked.
  3. Keep your back gate locked at all times.
  4. If you are working in the back garden, make keep the back door and back gate locked.
  5. Never open the front door to anyone without having the safety chain on if one i fitted, and always ask for identification from tradespeople.
  6. You do not have to open your front door to anyone that you don’t know (if you have any doubts, don’t open it!)
  7. If you receive a phone call asking for your banking details, DO NOT give these details out, no officials (such as bank, Police etc.) will ask for these details over the phone.
  8. If anyone knocks on the door offering to do gardening, tree cutting or any other general work, say no thank you. You do not know them and if you do need work doing always use somebody who has been recommended to you. contains traders approved by Wolverhampton’s trading standards.
  9. Always be careful with your keys – don’t leave them by the front door where they can be seen, particularly your car keys.
  10. If you have older windows without locks consider buying locks to fit onto them – they are easily fitted.

How to contact the Wardens

Telephone: 01902 556 622
Mobiles: 07768 447195 or 07771 836957


Photo from Flickr by Josh Semans used under Creative Commons.

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