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Neighbourhood Wardens service facing the axe

Having slashed the number of Neighbourhood Wardens across the city, Wolverhampton City Council is now proposing to remove the service altogether.

Having slashed the number of Neighbourhood Wardens across the city in the last round of cuts, Wolverhampton City Council is now proposing to remove the Wardens service altogether.

The council stills needs to save £59 million of £123 million identified and says that cutting the wardens service will save £480,000 in 2015/16.

Neighbourhood Wardens provide public reassurance to local people in the form of visits after burglaries and also deal with issues of community safety and environmental crime.

The removal of the service will mean that there will be no on-going patrolling and neighbourhood level re-assurance services provided by the City Council.

Full details of this savings proposal can be found here and member of the public can take part in the consultation seeking views on this proposal here.

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Feel I had to write again A lot of work has been carried out by the community and unison in raising a petition to help keep some form of a service in the city.Would be a shame if the decision was based more favourably with the online consultation and the few events that were scattered across the city. The petition had been carried out in numerous and diverse communities across the city, this has shown that this the best way for residents to have a say, in this instance it’s seems that this counts for nothing and we the residents are ignored yet again, along with the steering group who had come up with propsals for the service. All this work seems to count for nothing, makes you loose faith in the system and their administration. Yours Steve Russell..
Just a note central baths were on a similar position,but a solution and plan were found and this was solely down to the petition and not extra consultation,so seems this service and all the work carried out was set up to fail…… Just to add to this how can this consultation be taken seriously when only 600 took part and the petition gathered over 2,500 names and was only carried out over 2 weeks. Surely that speaks volumes and common sense should prevail……

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